Parecidas pero distintas


Expect - Hope - Wait - Wish - Look forward to

Expect significa esperar algo que sabes que va a ocurrir.

I'm expecting an important phone call.

Look forward to significa esperar con ilusión, con ganas.

I'm looking forward to Jaime's party.

Hope significa esperar algo que queremos que ocurra sabiendo que hay una posibilidad.

I hope it doesn't rain.

Wish significa esperar algo que es imposible o casi imposible que ocurra.

I wish I were 20 years younger.

Wait significa esperar físicamente.

We waited 20 minutes for the bus.



During - While

For se usa para expresar la duración de un periodo de tiempo medido en minutos, días, años, etc.

The people in front of us at the cinema were talking for twenty minutes.

During se refiere a un periodo de tiempo concreto en singular: el verano, el concierto, la cena, etc.

The people in front of us were talking during a film.



Job - Work

Job es un sustantivo contable.

You get a job to earn a living.

Work es un sustantivo no contable. Se refiere a la actividad, naturaleza o lugar de trabajo o actividad.

The work on the new airport should be under way soon.

What kind of work do you do?

You can reach him at the office. He should be at work by now.

Learning English can be hard work.



Wash - Wash up

Wash up en inglés americano significa lavarse. Wash up en inglés británico significa fregar los platos.



On the Way - In the Way - By the way

On the way significa viajar con un rumbo.

The shopping centre is on the way to her house.

In the way significa estorbar, estar en medio, físicamente, temporalmente, etc.

We can't have the party in this room. There's too much furniture in the way.

By the way significa además. Se suele usar para presentar un tema que nos interesa.

By the way, I finally got tickets to the match.



Win - Earn - Gain - Beat

Win significa ganar, ser el mejor en una competición.

The film won an Oscar.

Our team won the match.

Earn significa ganar algo, normalmente dinero, con sus propios esfuerzos, algo merecido.

I need to find a job where I can earn more money.

His outstanding performance in the play-offs has earned him a spot in the line-up for the final match.

Gain significa adquirir algo, normalmente útil, sin haberlo trabajado o sin merecerlo.

He gained a lot of experience working with his father.

There's nothing to gain by postponing the meeting.

Beat significa ganar, derrotar, llegar antes que los demás.

If you want to beat the rush hour traffic I suggest you leave early.

We were set to close the deal but the guys from Xerox beat us.