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Although these three words are often used to refer to a group of things, "each" and "every" always use the singular form of the verb.

Each employee has a key.
Every employee has a key.
Each of the employees has a key.

All the employees have a key.
All the employees have keys.

Each / Every

"Every", not "each", is more commonly used when refering to time: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, seasons, holidays etc.

We go to my parents' house every Christmas.
You should take this medicine once every eight hours.
Every time he sees that film it reminds him of his childhood.

Each Other / One Another

To express that an action is reciprocal or mutual we use the expressions "each other" or "one another".

He wrote to her and she wrote to him. They wrote to each other. They wrote to one another.

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