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We use do to refer to an activity in a general sense.

What are you doing this weekend?

We also use do to refer to a task or type of work.

I hate doing housework.
The kids do their homework before supper.

Do is used when the action verb is expressed as a noun.

On Saturday morning I do the cooking.
I don't do any ironing.

More examples of DO:

good, well, harm, your best, a favour, an exercise, an exam, research, business, nothing, a job, etc.

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To make is to create or build.

I made a new exercise in the Audio Exercises section.

We use make to refer to sounds.

I can't concentrate. You're making too much noise.

Make is also used to talk about travel.

How many trips to the dentist have you made this year?

More examples of MAKE:

a suggestion, arrangements, a complaint, money, progress, a decision, an appointment, an attempt, a choice, start, sure, profit, sense, up one’s mind, a cup of, a mistake, an offer, etc.


To make someone do something is to force them to do it.

I don't care if he doesn't want to work next Saturday. You have to make him do it.

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