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"In" significa "en, dentro de":

It was raining so we waited in the car.

"At" significa "en" en un punto concreto pero en sentido muy amplio:

He was at work but he wasn't at his desk.

"On" significa "en, sobre, encima de", siempre con contacto físico:

Don't leave your clothes on the floor.
We put the painting on the wall.


Usamos "in" para períodos de tiempo como mes, año, década, siglo y estaciones del año:

In October.
In 1949.
In the 70's.
In the 19th century.
In the summer.

"In" también significa dentro de un período de tiempo:

In ten minutes.
In five years.
In the morning.

"At" es para una hora o momento concreto de tiempo:

At seven o'clock.
At the moment.
At midnight.

"On" es para días y fechas:

On Monday.
On May 1st.
On Wednesday morning.


At night.
At Christmas.
At Easter.


On TV.

Last night I watched a film on TV.


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