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"Little" can be used to refer to size "pequeño" or quantity "poco", but it is singular. For countable and plural nouns we use "few" "pocos".

We have little hope, little time, few options and few people.

A little / A Few

When we use the indefinite article with "little" and "few" we make the statement positive rather than negative.

I have little time. I'm sorry. I can't meet with you now.
I have a little time. Please, come into my office for a minute.

Less / Fewer

The comparative and superlative forms of "few" are regular: few - fewer - the fewest.

The comparative for "little" , when referring to a quantity, is less and the superlative is the least.

People are working hard these days with little time to be with their families.
Everyone thinks they have less time than their colleagues.
Maybe the person with the least time is the one that never complains.

Oral Practice Exercise: Audio few / little

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