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"Long" can refer to time, distance and size.

We worked all day long. We worked a long time. It was a long day.
They traveled a long way to get to our offices.
She wore a long dress to the reception.

"To long for" is to miss something or someone from the past or to wish for something in the future.

She longs for the days when her children were young and at home.
She longs for the days when her house will be full of grandchildren.

If something is "long gone" it left a long time ago and the chances that it will return are very unlikely, nearly impossible, remote, slim.

The days of the single income family are long gone.
Roger's long gone. He left the office over an hour ago.

A "long shot" is a very small chance.

There's always a chance that we will win but it's a long shot. The competition is fierce.

"As Long As" refers to a condition, on the condition that ...

I'll lend you the money as long as you promise to pay me back by the end of the week

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