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¿Qué es MyProfe? MyProfe es un lugar diseñado para el hispanoparlante que quiere aprender, mejorar o perfeccionar su inglés. Leer más sobre MyProfe.

What is MyProfe? MyProfe is a place designed for the Spanish speaker who wants to learn, improve or perfect his/her English. Read more about MyProfe.

How do I use these Audio Comprehension Exercises? Search the Database

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To improve your overall listening skills you will need to work with these Audio Comprehension exercises.

Conversation Starters


So, you want to improve your English but you don't have time. Well, how about taking a few seconds to listen to one of these audio clips. You just might discover that you have more time than you thought.

Oral Practice Exercises

If you have to meet with your clients face to face or talk to them by phone, then you should definitely be doing these Audio Exercises.


In the spring of 2000 I registered the domain MyProfe and began to share my language teaching knowledge and experience beyond the physical classroom. Long before then, having taught English to Spaniards in Madrid since 1980, it became clear to me that I was always making the same corrections. That list of 100 Common Mistakes became the first content of my webpage.

Common Mistakes

Perhaps the most well known source of Common Mistakes is the False Friend. Mistakes are also likely when using words that I like to refer to as Similar but Different.

Unnatural English

Unnatural English is the title of one of several of my Dictations in which I describe the frustrations and difficulties of the advanced level student. Unnatural English is English that, although not grammatically incorrect, simply doesn't sound right and would never be spoken by a native speaker.

Speak Good English / Speak English Well

The secret to becoming fluent in English is to maximise your exposure to authentic English, and if possible, find someone to correct your mistakes. Any type of written, audio or video material is useful, provided you know how to work with it.


Job Interview Practice Questions

As a language consultant my goal is to help non-native English speaking professionals function in an English speaking world. Revision of written communication and/or auditing of voice communication in meetings and conference calls, to insure accurate understanding, are the most frequent requests. Role playing or rehearsing of voice communications, seminars, workshops, presentations and job interviews are also common. Many times these activities are performed immediately upon request over the net or by phone with little or no advanced scheduling. Practice with me first. Let me be your sounding board. Don’t lose another opportunity because of your English.

Go to the Job_Interview audio video comprehension exercise.
Go to the Job Interview Questions exercise
Go to the job interview Video

The Dictation

Dictations are a great way to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening. Doing a dictation not only combines practice in all four language skills but it also develops short term memory because you have to remember phrases or even whole sentences before you write them down which is useful practice for note taking.

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